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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Beverage Standards Association

What is the BSA?

Founded in 1996, the Beverage Standards Association (previously known as the Beverage Service Association) is the trade association for the UK out-of-home non-vending refreshment industry. It represents all sectors; manufacturers, distributors and importers of machines and components, commodity suppliers, service organisations who maintain and repair machines, training, recruitment and marketing companies working within the industry, and retailers – the end-users who prepare serve refreshments to the paying public.

Beverages include coffee, tea, chocolate, milk, smoothies, frappes, juice and water.

Objectives of the BSA

The Association is dedicated to fostering the growth of the UK out-of-home beverage market, to raising the quality of beverages produced and the standard of service provided.

One way in which it achieves this is through education; training, information and communication.

Another is through better standards of practice, honesty and integrity between all sectors of the industry with all members upholding and protecting these.

And the Association provides a platform from which to address the Government, legislative bodies and the media on matters which concern members.

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