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9 & 10 NOV 2021


Sebastian Coman Photography

Sebastian Coman is a luxury hotel + food photographer, who removes photography from your ‘worry list’. He specialises in food, drink, interior and exterior photography. Therefore, he serves his clients as a comprehensive luxury hotel and resort photographer. Fast and high-quality content is king these days. As a business partner you can trust, he can become an extension of your creative team. His food and drink photos are designed to make your mouth water, by allowing the natural beauty of the dishes and subjects to speak for themselves. His photos of your venue’s interiors, exteriors and of your people tell a visual story of your company, by showing what your company is passionate about. He works with food and beverage brands, restaurants, bars, luxury hotels, and resorts around London, the UK and Europe. He can collaborate with talented stylists to create highly impactful images that respect your brand’s guidelines.

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