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9 & 10 NOV 2021


Night Time Industry Association

"The NTIA exists to support, develop, safeguard and save the UK's Night-time Industry.

A collaboration of Operators, Musicians, Barristers, DJ’s, Promoters, Festival Operators and Suppliers from within the Night-Time Industry, working together, with vast experience in operating on the front line, fighting to protect individual business and subsequently the Night-time Economy.

These institutional venues and events help generate and nurture one of the world’s most influential music and culture industries, without which the UK’s Night Time Industry and talent would be lost forever!

We are passionate and proud of The UK’s Night-time Industry and are concerned at the continued erosion of the UK’s Night-time industry, and the negative impact that this has on our society, both culturally and economically.

We are responsible for successful campaigns that support the UK's Nightlife and protect the UK's Music Industry. Without these vibrant venues and events, our cultural heritage and music will suffer!"

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