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19 & 20 OCT 2022


How your Restaurant will Benefit from Offering a Frictionless Experience 

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Red Dog Saloon turned to jisp in order to showcase its authentic food to customers.


Everyone loves a good BBQ joint, but that’s not to say that if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Red Dog Saloon prides itself on being an establishment full of rich history behind its smoked American food. Yet the Southampton team we eager to showcase the food’s authenticity to customers without inviting them personally to the kitchen.


Red Dog Saloon wanted to tell the story about its founder, Tom Brooke, who travelled across the Deep South of America tasting incredible food that was miles beyond what the UK regards as ‘BBQ’ dishes. Brooke’s restaurants serve hickory smoked BBQ food cooked using imported wood and smokers from America that prepare quality meat for up to twenty-four hours to create a truly Deep-Southern taste. Again, the Southampton team saw the challenges of transpiring this unique experience to customers who were unaware of America’s way of cooking BBQ food. Red Dog Saloon aspired to showcase the journey of its food from the smoker to the table, while encouraging customers to interact more with the menu to make informed decisions before ordering.

Introducing jisp, the app leading the evolution of communication, shopping and payment in a connected world.


Collaborating with the app jisp, customers were invited to attend the ‘jisp Menu Takeover’ event across two evenings at Red Dog Saloon Southampton. The event aimed to inspire a new and innovative way for diners to engage with the menu while receiving 20% off orders. 


jisp created NFC-enabled interactive menus that allowed customers to use their smartphones to open the jisp app, physically tap an item with their phone and receive instant, digital information straight to their fingertips. Food was brought to life through pre-recorded videos and photos of Red Dog Saloon’s dishes, and in some cases the videos permitted customers to watch the journey of their meal from sourcing to plating. This solved any customer issues with food envy in a fun and creative manner, but that’s not all the app provided. By using jisp to tap the menu, customers could gain insight into what exactly was in each dish. This feature allowed customers to tap their phone against the menu and directly receive information on allergens, calories and other nutritional details, without having to check with the servers. 


Customers were empowered with jisp’s technology to receive the information they wanted straight to their phone, at a moment that suited them. The team at Red Dog Saloon were able to present their customers with the technology to confidently order food without any apprehension, as we all know how important it is to have clear information on allergens and dietary requirements. Red Dog Saloon’s Head Waiter and Bartender, Lewis Gull, found the event to be a major success and said, “When I introduced the menu and showed customers how to watch videos on their phone, and they saw how everything was prepared, I felt like they had a better understanding than if I were to explain what certain foods were in person.”

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Red Dog Saloon set out with a mission to show customers the authenticity of their American BBQ food as well as aim to empower diners with the means to make informed orders avoiding any worries of dietary requirements. By teaming with jisp for the menu takeover event, Red Dog Saloon achieved everything they set out to accomplish, simply through one app. Customers could now use jisp to effortlessly tap a menu with their phone and receive instant information from allergens to product videos.  


Red Dog Saloon Southampton found the event an extremely rewarding experience to see customers actively engage with the menus, view information on their phone, and then order with conviction.
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