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9 & 10 NOV 2021


Zcomax Technologies Ltd

Aiello A.I - Smart Hotel Voice Assistants Platform Hands-Free Guest Room Control - Voice controlled lights, AC, curtains, TV, etc. It also operates as an alarm clock, a VOIP phone and plays on-demand music. Multilingual 24x7 Voice AI In-Room concierge - Customized Guest welcome message, In-Room services for food and beverages, housekeeping and general hotel facility inquiry. Check-out and re-booking. Customer Satisfaction Survey during their stay - Real-time room services customer satisfaction survey, which can reduce the chance of customers leaving the hotel with complaints. Voice and digital signage advertising platform - Customised voice-based local interest recommendations and on-screen advertisement promotion. Room service efficiency optimization - Digitalize customer requests from voice AI entry, an automated service dispatch, and employee efficiency management. Voice Entry outlines more exquisite customer profile management and trend analysis - Hoteliers can offer VIP customer service customization, enhance membership program to increase direct rebooking.

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