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9 & 10 NOV 2021


WILFRED'S - 0% ABV Spritz

WILFRED'S - Rosemary & Bitter Orange Spritz (0% ABV)


With a Rosemary & Bitter Orange Spritz that's 0% ABV and low in calories, Wilfred's unique twist on a classic aperitif is reimagining the Spritz for the new era of British drinkers.

Wilfred's is best enjoyed as our signature vibrant and refreshing Wilfred's Spritz, served over ice with tonic or sparkling water. However, it's also a versatile aperitif and a bartender's best friend, making great no- and low-alcohol cocktails, such as sours, negronis and mules.

Wilfred`s is naturally tastier and more complex in flavour than most of the mainstream aperitifs, but it`s also better for you. It`s been created by distilling and extracting only natural botanicals, while being lower in calorie (at only 18 calories per serve), and is free from artificial flavours, sweeteners and colours, making it a naturally healthier option.

London-based Christopher Francois Wilfred was so frustrated with the uninspiring selection of alcohol-free drinks available on social occasions with friends that he started creating his own, Wilfred`s. Chris` background as an inventor and his passion for science, art and concocting new cocktails, led him to start developing his aperitif recipe in his kitchen with over 20 botanicals and a lot of experimentation! The result? A year later, an incredibly tasty aperitif packed with personality and natural ingredients, with all the fun of drinking together, while still being good to yourself.

At our stand and say hello over our signature Wilfred's Spritz.

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