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19 & 20 OCT 2022



URocked is an innovative solution to modernise traditional tipping. Created to empower people, reward great service and connect better us in a cashless world!

Universal appeal: A platform where any worker, in any industry, anywhere in the world can get cashless tips directly.

URocked is ready for unseen and under-served markets: Expanding any role into a tip opportunity.

Customers will have confidence that 100% of their tip reaches the worker.

Ethical choice with a charity component: to make your `Thank You` work twice as hard. Every transaction via URocked means a donation to hunger relief charities.

Tips will no longer be time or location-sensitive: Codes mean better self-promotion, anywhere!
Benefits beyond tips for the worker: Tip tracking for keeping accounts and building a record of good performance.

Improved safety: No cash carried on your person - great for performers or those with physical vocations.

Feel-good factors: Track your impact on charity with every tip, get offers on services based on your behaviors.

A tool for employers: Removing admin from tip distribution, motivating staff and improving customer service.

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