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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Trodat UK

Trodat are the leading manufacturer of self-inking stamps in the UK.

We are aware that branding is essential for company growth and we are also aware that packaging and consumables is an expensive outlay for any business whether it be an artisan café, restaurant or even larger scale franchises. This is why Trodat have developed a range of stamps that allow you to 'print as you go' stamping your logo, text or contact information on your boxes, bag, napkins etc.

Whatever your message may be, Trodat will be able to work with you to design your stamp, even if your message/logo has many colours. Designed to last, Trodat self-inking stamps will allow you to print 1,000's of clear images time after time.

Your self-inking stamp will last for years as when the ink runs out you can simply pop in a new ink pad and start stamping again.

Tel: 0141 884 9200

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