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9 & 10 NOV 2021


The Little Shot Company

At The Little Shot Company we create organic, plant-based, cold-pressed juice shots full of natural goodness, all pack with nourishing minerals and enzymes.

Our philosophy is to help everyone live towards a happier mind, body, and soul, which means that we will always bring you functional, delicious, natural nutrition.

`I was in good health but knew I could feel more energised and felt I needed a big hit of nutrients. Putting my degree in sports and nutrition to good use, I started making nutrient-dense juices for myself, and I was impressed with how much better I began to feel.

Enthusiastic about my new-found love of juicing, I started bottling the shots for my family and friends. They were a huge hit and demand was high. That`s when I thought, if I can design juices to help me and my loved ones get what our body`s need then maybe I could help others, like us, who wanted to supplement their own nutritional needs to support health areas like immunity and gut health. That`s how the business began to take shape.`

Danielle, Founder - The Little Shot Company

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