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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Taplin & Mageean Spirit Co

In December 2018, Taplin & Mageean opened Wensleydale`s very
first distillery in a 200-year-old railway station in Leyburn, North
The cornerstone of Taplin & Mageean is premium quality,
producing bold yet balanced recipes in the highest quality spirit
possible across its range of award-winning, single-shot distilled gins.
`The mark of a truly premium spirit is a sipping experience that
lingers and evolves long after each taste. Crafted in small batches,
the debut range of slow distilled, single-shot gins showcase just how
well a gin can be made in all categories: recipe, texture and nose`.
The first batches of Taplin & Mageean were sold in December 2018
from a steam train parked on the Leyburn distillery platform,
exercising a loophole allowing the company to sell alcohol without
the need for a premises license.
The Taplin & Mageean range has already acquired notable attention
and accolades from around the world, with their `Signature Edition`
winning a silver medal at the San Francisco World Spirit Awards.

The mark of a truly premium gin is a recipe that lingers and evolves
over time.
The best recipes are those in which each botanical presents at a
different stage.
Like any good story, there is a distinct beginning, middle and end.
Each recipe extenuates its own flavours differently through its
`beginning, middle and end`, each telling their own unique story.

Signature Edition - A juniper heavy gin distilled with both dried and
fresh grapefruit zest for an alluring and emphatic
citrus hit. A robustly dry gin, masterfully
complimented by
Yorkshire hops, flowers and spice.

Spiced Orange - Distinct orange zest and juniper flavour is
surrounded by a bold but balanced array of fig,
cranberry and cinnamon. Warm winter fruit
flavours dance over a hazelnut & almond core with
an ever so slight suggestion of spice.

Elderflower Orchard - Simple and delectable. Elderflower Orchard
comprises a juniper, coriander & orris root core,
fragrantly supplemented by elderflower, chamomile
and apples grown in Mr Taplin's garden. A subtle
cinnamon undertone brings warmth to this light and
floaty gin in a surprisingly complimentary way.

Peach and Basil - A generous helping of peaches, apricot & vanilla
make this beautifully balanced recipe deliciously
palatable. cocoa & angelica root bring a full body
to support the sweet & summery headline and
finally a refreshing basil & pink peppercorn finish
caps off a delectably complex experience.

Tel: 01969 624607

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