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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Sun Rum

A new smooth golden rum with bucket loads of personality.

Why and how is Sun Rum different?

Taste: The only known brand using a blend of rums from east, central and west of the Caribbean; Barbados, Dominican Republic and Cuba respectively.

The contrasting soil types, climates and distilling techniques put us in our own league.

Sun Rum is a premium tasting spirit distilled to a full 40% however we have devised a blend that does not embody an `after-burn` normally associated with liquor.

More-over, we have a smooth and sweet rum achieved with only natural sugars from the plant. No other sugars or man-made additives are blended post distilling or pre-bottling.

How did we get to this point?

Founder Matt has sustained a 15 year career in hospitality management twinned with sales and recruitment. With years working along aside various drinks brands, Matt has an innate understanding of what sells, who buys and how consumers stay loyal.

2016: Research into the rum sector began. Analysis of competitor brands and behaviour laid the foundations for todays brand concept.

2017: The Maeden Group was launched, brand and product design continued and plans were formed for a soft launch in 2018.

During the R&D phase, over 100 various blends were created by Matt, using rums imported from The Caribbean, Latin America, Mauritius, Australia and Indonesia.

Once down to the top 5, over 250 sample packs were sent out to industry professionals to allow them to blind taste test and feedback their thoughts. The Sun Rum blend was found!

2018: Sun Rum was launched in Bournemouth and Southampton on the south coast of The UK. A small batch was made to test brand concept and achieve a wider market opinion.

2019: Manufacturing tweaks were made and growth was seen within independent bars, pubs and off-licences.

2020: Online sales grew with the Covid 19 pandemic slowing on-trade opportunities. We launched on Amazon Prime, Master of Malt and enhanced our own e-commerce platform.

A focus on brand building took priority whilst the events and hospitality sector have not been fully operational. A series of pod-casts were filmed and released achieving great applause.

Tel: 07837579462

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