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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Strong Global Limited

SG came into existence to address the global problem of each year an estimated 600 billion paper and plastic cups are distributed globally- yet virtually all of which end up in landfill sites, incineration plants or get blown into the sea because they are so hard to recycle. Traditional paper cups have an interior plastic coating that is too difficult for recyclers to process through their existing paper-recycling equipment.

SG innovates and provides cutting-edge solutions for recycling used takeaway cups and banning plastic straws.

To Recycle, Reduce and Regenerate:
Aiming at providing total solutions, Strong Global's excellent research and develop team has launched the world first on-site recycling & regenerating takeaway cup system as well as patented recyclable stone paper straw and cup sealing film to meet with sustainability level, and also environmentally friendly. Focusing on innovation, better packaging design and end-of-use systems will not only generate long-term benefits for the environment, but is also a huge economic opportunity.

Tel: +886-2-26981558

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