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19 & 20 OCT 2022



Grow your hospitality business with the commerce tool used by venues like Ballie Ballerson, Barrio, Netil360, London in the Sky, and the Barbican.

StoreKit is a mobile ordering menu, with all of the benefits of going digital and none of the nonsense.

No downloading apps, no creating accounts, and no manual card entry. No getting up mid-conversation to order, no trying to catch a bartender`s attention for 5 minutes.

Scan a QR code, order, and pay at the tap of a button with Apple & Google Pay - all in 30 seconds.

Let your customers focus on your food, your drinks, and their family and friends.

Let your talent focus on what they do best: concocting cocktails, creating culinary delights, and making guests feel welcome and comfortable - not taking orders and payments.

Boost sales, keep costs low, and smooth operations out - all with no signup fees, monthly commission fees, or contracts.

Join us in the mobile ordering revolution.

Tel: 020 3874 1470

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