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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Soft Skills

Helping individuals and teams develop, and learn more effectively.

It is frequently acknowledged that behavioural and leadership improvements are the most difficult changes to make, both within ourselves and our teams. At Soft Skills, we specialise in simplifying the complexity involved in personal learning, development and change. We achieve this through:

- Providing a variety of 'soft skills' training courses, covering areas including Dealing with Customer Complaints, Effective Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Personal Resilience, and Relationship Building;

- Developing leadership skills, through our own Leadership Development Framework (LDF). Our LDF is uniquely tailored to the needs, experience, seniority and team size of the Leader / Leadership Team involved; and

- Reviewing the effectiveness of existing business training, development and learning programmes in place. We achieve this through a variety of observation, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and intervention techniques.

We also have extensive experience at creating tailored training programmes for business teams at all levels of seniority. More recent courses have included Behavioural Based Safety Training, Customer Relationship Building, and Front Line Problem Solving.

Tel: 0330 133 2645

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