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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Rudwolf GmbH

Rudwolf is an exclusive, international beverage producer and lifestyle brand made in Germany. We believe in the power of strong products that are made with passion and high ambitions. And we also believe in human characters that are strong, visionary and loyal. Like the wolf as our symbol. We are the exclusive brand of the night, we are Rudwolf.

Our first product line Rudwolf Energy is the exclusive energy pleasure with an unique taste of hidden and luxurious flavours. It will sharpen your senses and increase your self-confidence. Not only drink it, but live it.

Our claim is to use only the best ingredients and highest quality. The only way to secure our high level standards is to produce our products together with market leading partners in Germany. Rudwolf is made in Germany and will be made in Germany; but we are open to the world. For those who are special, for those who don´t care, for those who follow their instincts.

Rudwolf Energy, `Follow your Instincts`.

Tel: 004941919195060

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