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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Roam Local App

Increasing profits by 30% in just four weeks of adoption!

The Roam Local app is best known as a destination guide that will bring you closer to all your favourite places, allowing you to access your instant environment, in any location.

"Roam - become a local in any location!"

Roam's community of users can:

* Find places of interest - never get lost - become a local in every location
* Add and create plans with friends
* Share recommendations
* Follow your favourite places to receive exclusive information, discounts and more
* Roam Safely with the apps friend finder and safe groups

Businesses can also benefit from Roam by claiming and taking control over their listing, and that effectively acts as their own app - allowing businesses to add any products, services, other information - even send customers push notifications.

Businesses can:

* Send customers push notifications with any news, offers or events
* Create a loyalty club for customers
* Share new product releases, exclusive offerings, menus and any other services
* By claiming your listing on the Roam app, this effectively becomes your own app
* Drive desired actions like buying again or up-selling
* Communicate your brand values to increase loyalty and repeat revenue

One customer said: "It's like Google Business on steroids - a must have for any bar or restaurant!"

Tel: 07545777669

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