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19 & 20 OCT 2022


_Reveal My Food_

Reveal My Food software and digital menu for allergens management

Reveal My Food UK's leading omnichannel for the hospitality market. Enables multi-site restaurants, hotels, pubs & bars and food-to-go establishments to comply with Natashas' allergens management law.

Reveal My Food minimise restaurants operations time and costs for
- managing recipes database,
- inventory updates,
- allergens and nutritional analysis,
- physical menu printing,

Used by all diners, safer for allergic customers through allergens and ingredient filters, 14 major allergens icons and detailed ingredients information. Increases sales potential by effectively enabling diners to understand dishes offer (allergens, lifestyles and intolerances), increasing ordering speed, safety and offer per unique dietary necessities

Reveal My Food innovates the eating out sector helping restaurants to simplify catering for dietary requirements comply with 1169/2016 EU legislation, Natasha's and Better health Laws and aligned with future Owens' Law

Through a linear and simpler process Reveal My Food transforms correct allergens management in an incredible return of investment and sales opportunity

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