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19 & 20 OCT 2022



QCEL are proud to represent some of the best loved names within the business and we are delighted to bring you our selection of equipment to Takeaway Expo 2021 - Come and find us at Stand S22

At Takeaway Expo 2021 we will be showcasing Products from Winston Industries- QCEL has a long standing relationship with Winston with direct factory access for spares, this enables us to offer you the most competitive price in the market for Winston Equipment - Winston embodies both the robust, value driven end of the market and the Cutting edge innovative side.

Come and see the Winston Collectramatic Fryers and the unique Winston C-Vap warming drawers, holding cabinets, cook and hold ovens and the latest retherm ovens at QCEL stand S22

More than 40 years ago, Collectramatic® got its start as the fryer of choice for major fast food chains and independently operated foodservice outlets. Today, the Collectramatic fryer continues to be a workhorse in the kitchen, providing trouble free performance with consistently delicious results, year after year.

Operators using Collectramatic fryers can expect a consistent, evenly fried product every cook cycle with little attendant labour. Foods are perfectly cooked on the outside, moist and delicious on the inside. The unique design, cold zone collector, and filtration technology make all-day cooking possible, Flavour transfer is nearly eliminated and oil life is dramatically extended..

QCEL are also proud to introduce you to the CVap HOV 7 series of cabinets - available in both half and full size they are the perfect fit for any establishment

CVap (Controlled Vapour Technology), rewrites the rules of food quality. What makes it different? Water vapour!
All kitchen equipment uses hot air to affect food. Some even use `humidity` to improve the amount of control they can claim., but only CVap technology uses heated water vapour to precisely control food temperature.
Pair that with air heat to control texture, and you have an unbeatable combo (no, we didn`t say combi - we`re not nearly that expensive).

QCEL are excited to bring the Anets family of Open frying systems to the UK - The family of fryers has something for everyone, Do come by and discuss your particular requirements at Stand S22

Anets deep fryers offer a smarter frying equipment solution at a price point that represents true value for money. Anets products contain unique design features that will benefit customers every single day.

The versatile design makes for the perfect restaurant deep fryer, allowing operators to fry a wide variety of high-sediment foods producing the perfect crisp.

Leading the way in innovation, Anets have produced the highly efficient `Gas Saver` tube burner design which has been awarded an energy star rating for its optimum cooking output and efficiency by reducing flue temperatures

In addition, Anets offers a full range of filtration systems, chip dumps and accessories, providing everything needed to optimise the frying systems performance

It is the little details that make a huge difference in the day to day food service business. An Anets fryer with an easy to clean design makes the difference between whether a fryer is kept clean or not.

The team looks forward to welcoming you over the next couple of days

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