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19 & 20 OCT 2022



Popmenu is a comprehensive digital marketing tool for restaurants. Follow Steve's story to learn how we can impact your business.

Meet Steve.

Steve lives in London and works from home. He's hungry and craving sushi for lunch today.

Meet Claire.

Claire owns a sushi place near Steve and would love for Steve to dine at her restaurant. Lucky for Claire, she has Popmenu.

Steve begins his search by googling "sushi near me" and Claire's restaurant is the top search result thanks to Popmenu providing:
- Targeted keywords on each page
- Indexed pages to boost Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
- Mobile-friendly websites
- Alternative text on pictures and videos

Steve chooses Claire's restaurant and begins to browse her menu. Instead of a PDF menu, Steve is met with Popmenu's Dynamic menu, featuring:
- Beautiful dish photos attached to each dish
- Pops indicating how many customers like, love and want a reminder to try each dish
- Reviews from satisfied customers

Steve has all the information he needs to make a dining decision, right on Claire's website. Since Steve is busy, he chooses to order online for takeout. When he clicks the online ordering tab on Claire's website, he is brought back to her menu, where he can place his order directly from her site. Claire went with Popmenu's native online ordering thanks to:
- Commission-free ordering
- No distractions from competitor advertisements on 3rd party platforms
- Easy menu management to change featured dishes or add new items
- A simplified consumer journey and guest data that she owns

Steve is delighted with his meal and two days later he's asked to leave a review on his entrée via an automated email. He returns to Claire's website, leaves a review, and shares the dish to his social media pages. Upon completing his first review, Steve receives an offer for his next visit - all thanks to Popmenu's automated marketing.

Claire has turned her website into a digital storefront with Popmenu's platform and improved Steve's overall experience and the frequency with which he'll return. From menu management to automated marketing to online ordering, everything Claire needs is consolidated into one tool so she can control her restaurant's narrative from fist impression to final transaction.

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