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19 & 20 OCT 2022



Nory is the future of restaurant & bar management. Our end to end platform leverages AI and automation to fuel scalable restaurant and bar success. Nory helps managers to make data based decisions every day. From demand forecasting and staffing recommendations to prep and order guides - we've got you!

Nory Workforce Management covers all aspects of the employee lifecycle - from onboarding to scheduling, HR and payroll. Our AI analyses your locations 24/7 to ensure you have the right people working at the right times while controlling costs.

Our engagement application ensures your employees have full visibility over their own progress and a clear view of what's happening in their restaurant and the wider business. Nory allows them to engage with your brand no matter where they are based. One team - one dream!

Nory Inventory Management covers all aspects of the stock lifecycle - from recipe management to vendor management. Nory's AI keeps an eye on stock levels vs demand at all times. It creates dynamic par levels, data based prep lists and order guides. Saving you time and money from Finance to location level.

Tel: +353 1 912 3409

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