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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Nila Technology Limited

Welcome to a new way of discovering food around you!

We connect your dietary and nutritional requirements to food choices around you.

We are an award winning UK's Top 10 FoodTech Startup and World's Top 10 Tech Startups to Look-out For. We are on a mission of fixing £800 billion food waste and efficiency problems in restaurant industry. We are developing Artificial Intelligence driven software solutions for restaurants. Our solutions deliver at least a 2 fold increase in restaurants' operational efficiency and reduce up to 60% food waste in their value chain.

COVID-19 pandemic hit the restaurant sector hardest, rocked by dramatic decline in sales and capital to support day to day operations. As countries reopen economies and ease lockdowns, restaurateurs are looking to simplify their operations and rejuvenate their businesses.

Today, restaurants are serving their diners with little or no knowledge about their dietary and lifestyle preferences. Modern diners are highly health conscious and are valuing simpler ingredients, transparency and balanced choice of menu and authenticity in quality of meals served from restaurants.

This is where GASTON can help your business. We are now live with our free to download online food service app - GASTON; which curates an exclusive dining experience for diners who have specific dietary needs. Diners who are vegan, vegetarian, have food intolerances / allergies, are on religion based diets, are on medical-condition restrictive diets, are athletes or simply flexitarians simply cannot eat out without worrying about authenticity of the food served to them.

GASTON takes the guess work out from these worried diners. Using our award-winning Artificial Intelligence model, we connect dietary and nutritional needs of your diners to food choices you offer to them.

In addition to offering tons of innovative product features at NO extra cost, GASTON gives you access to two new revenue streams to boost your recovery out of COVID crisis.

We are also the only solution provider helping restaurants to become compliant with Natasha's Law as well as become carbon neutral.

Tel: 07403512511

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