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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Mexican Booze Ltd

We invite and welcome you to come along to our stand to see, try out and witness the entrance of a mix you never seen or tasted before, different to all you know! You are going to love it! You can also come and look at our collection of Instagram posts from Tonayan fans in Mexico.

Tonayan was created in 1958 in the small town of Tonayan Jalisco, Mexico the same state that produces Tequila, but this is a different story.

Don Federico Paz Osorio, the creator of this mix, dedicated all his life to the production of agave and sugarcane spirits. Today, Tonayan is the most successful product among 8 other famous creations and brands. With the passing of time, the family business, Casa Tres Torres, and their product began to win popularity in Mexico, Central America, and the USA. Today, Tonayan is the second most popular drink in Mexico, just behind beer. Casa Tres Torres become a leading firm in the production of alcoholic beverages.

Today there is a strong drinking subculture revolving around the spirit, especially in young adults due to its affordability, the sweet flavour, and its alcohol content (alc. 24% vol.) low compared to other Mexican spirits. There is no gathering in deep Mexico without Tonayan. One of the urban culture mixes is called `aguas locas` (crazy waters), where the drink is mixed with ice and simple water with Kool Aid and enjoyed.

Even today, Tonayan is made through the traditional way of extracting sugarcane and agave. This can be seen on the label where sugarcane is pulled by the cart. But the production facilities are state of the art and in full compliance with all regulations.

Its innovative PET1 bottle is the most environmentally friendly package for a drink, its proven that PET is by far the best option for lowering CO2 emissions and one of the friendliest overall, check our environment section in our web page

These bottles help us also reduce costs to offer a better price and it also makes it easier to carry it around. Our plan is that during 2022 all of our bottles will be r-Pet.

Tonayan - Mix of sugarcane and agave spirits caramelized and sweetened.
Color: Straw yellow, transparent, bright with light yellow hues.
Aroma: Sweet cane with notes of cooked agave.
Flavor: Sweet, stiff, agave.

Bottled in 250-, 440-, 960-, 1750- and 5000-ml presentations

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Tel: 07932328664

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