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19 & 20 OCT 2022


McCain Foodservice Solutions

Together, with products designed specifically to outperform in delivery and the latest consumer insight, we can help you keep delighting customers even under the most challenging conditions.

McCain SureCrispTM is the game-changing fry that allows you to go further in delivery without compromise. With our unique clear coating, you can extend your delivery zone with fries that stay crispy for up to 20 minutes in a closed delivery bag.

P!CKERS is the ultimate side order on your delivery menu. Research shows delivery is an occasion where people are more likely to try something new, so sides are the perfect opportunity to make more, excite your customers and boost their order to qualify for free delivery. Introducing P!CKERS the complete range of sides that perform in delivery and take-away.

Find out more and try our products on stand L32.

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