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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Magic Stamp

Magic Stamp is a non-intrusive, frictionless, digital loyalty platform that allows businesses to attract more customers. It utilises simple but effective tech, underpinned by 100% proof of presence insights, to help businesses to learn about their customer`s behaviour and encourage more frequent visits.

Loyalty cards have been an essential part of the relationship between customers and businesses for decades. They have been shown to increase revenues by around 12-18%, making them a no brainer for every physical store. However, not all loyalty schemes are equal, and the right one will make a dramatic difference to the amount of business that it generates for you. There are a host of different options like traditional paper loyalty cards, own branded apps or other digital schemes: the rest of this article will examine the benefits and drawbacks of each one.

Paper loyalty cards were the first and most prevalent, however, there are several flaws for both customers and consumers that prevented them from reaching their potential: consumers tended to lose or damage the cards, before they could ever redeem the rewards, while businesses found it difficult to make use of the treasure trove of information about their customer`s habits that the cards offered.

Own branded digital loyalty schemes have also come to the fore in recent years, however, research shows that people prefer to download `all in one` apps, as opposed to separate apps from each of the stores that they visit. Businesses with an own branded loyalty scheme also have to spend money on development, marketing and maintenance, which dramatically increases costs.

Digital loyalty schemes are clearly the best option available, however they can also have drawbacks: customers and businesses often have to fiddle around with barcodes and QR codes, leading to long queues and slow ordering processes, which is anathema to how any good loyalty card scheme should work.

Magic Stamp was designed to eliminate the insufficiencies of these methods. It enables businesses to nurture bonds with more customers: reaching them 50% more often in just three months - allowing you to use powerful insights to identify and organise your customer`s needs based on their behaviour. The Magic Stamp Portal transforms complex data into simple insights, making it easy to track your success and to re-engage with any customers who haven`t recently visited your business. Magic Stamp also makes it easy to create targeted promotions that will directly reach the customers who you want to connect with.

Magic Stamp is inherently very easy to use, simply taking the traditional paper loyalty card experience and making it digital - no need for complex codes, Wi-Fi or anything else, just a real digital stamp that your staff can use easily.

Magic Stamp redefines loyalty by making it valuable and simple.

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