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19 & 20 OCT 2022


M-Cube UK

M-Cube is a Global leader in In-Store Digital Engagement solutions, offering an extensive portfolio of solutions that range from digital signage and omnichannel retail to instore and content production. M-Cube develops digital solutions to improve service, engagement, customer retention and communication within the retail industry.

Sight Solutions: Brands are now embracing their digital-self as an essential part of their identity and an opportunity for heightened engagement by giving dynamic life to the previously static contents and creating flexible and animated systems of expression. M-Cube help clients choose the right solutions and support the design interactive experience in the retail store, as well as offering implementation, installation, and proactive monitoring. Furthermore, a specialist LED design team is on hand to design tailored solutions such as large-scale or totally immersive LED walls.

Omnichannel Retail: M-Cube`s omnichannel retail solutions bring digital experiences into the real world. Designated consulting teams assist the retailer in the design of the customer journey, identifying digital touchpoints and developing interactions in order to build an extremely fluid customer experience - with no boundaries between digital and real. Apps such as click & collect, digital look-books, home showrooms and smart payment are just some of the many solutions developed and introduced by M-Cube.

Sound Design: this was the first service that M-Cube brought to the Italian market. M-Cube works alongside the client to create a musical selection that reflects the brand`s identity, determining the sounds that best represent the brand values. Uniform brand identity is guaranteed across all stores thanks to the centralised management system provided by our online platform. M-Cube curates each individual phase internally: the analysis of brand identity and creation of playlists is handled by a team of music designers while all audio production is completed within the M-Cube recording studio. All management, updating of playlists, planning, daily planning and scheduling is controlled via the M-Cube audio player.

Content Lab: our team of graphic and motion designers specialises in the creation, production and adaptation of digital content for the store and has extensive knowledge of the specific characteristics and technologies. They can suggest the most effective solutions for each point of contact, including interactive options, and help to create an engaging and spectacular customer experience.

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