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19 & 20 OCT 2022



At Lutosa we`ve dedicated more than 40 years to championing the delicious, versatile potato.

Transformed into golden, crispy Belgian fries, smooth and creamy mash, crunchy hash browns and many more tasty products, we believe our potatoes are the cornerstone of meal-making.
From canteens to caf├ęs, from street food to the finest restaurants.

That`s why we`ve built a valued community of growers and distributors with one shared objective: to deliver top quality, ready to cook frozen and chilled potato products, that make the meals our customers serve extra special.

Our business is built on strong partnerships with our distributors and customers around the world, leveraging our passion, know-how and proud Belgian heritage to provide the best solutions for every market.

We simply want the world to experience the joy of the potato, in all of its delicious forms.

Tel: +44 1480 46 56 56

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