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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Keeto Life: Seriously Low Carb

Wholesome, nutritious, great-tasting seriously low carb food for every occasion.

Our low carb loaf is being hailed as the `Game Changer` by our customers on social media. Just like bread but without the carbs or the sugars. Fluffy and light in texture, and only 0.9g of carbs per slice. Packed full of protein and fibre. It means bacon sandwiches are firmly back on the menu. Our Seriously Low Carb bread is the only bread certified by sugar wise too.

Along with our amazing loaf, we also have low carb bread rolls and hot dog rolls - super versatile and ready to be stuffed with chefs creations. The perfect choice for those millions of customers eating out looking for a low carb option.

Then for a dessert or just a snack, customers can enjoy our low carb Brownies. Just 9g of carbs per 100g, which means that one of our brownies is just 3.7g of carbs.

With more and more customers enjoying a low carb lifestyle, ask yourselves what do you offer that gives your customers a low carb option where they don`t have to comprise on anything ?

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