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19 & 20 OCT 2022


KBOX Global

Maximise your revenue and futureproof your business with our food delivery brands and smart technology.

Customers have been moving away from traditional hospitality for a while, regardless of the
pandemic. Savvy kitchen operators are looking to adapt, and the option of going online is a cost-effective way to generate more income. While this route gives great reasons to be
hopeful, there is a maze of options to navigate if you are to do so successfully.

Kbox has the skills to ensure you hit the ground running, we`ve learnt from our successes and our mistakes. Our partnership with you is simple:

1. Under the market - we'll work out who you're going to reach with delivery
2. Create the best brands - to appeal to customers and that work operationally in your kitchens
3. Designed focused menus - perfected by us, then trained to you, driving great profitability
4. Provide ongoing support - we`ll market the menus for you, so you can focus on making amazing food

It`s every business owner`s responsibility to anticipate change, diversify revenues, and protect livelihoods. Commercial kitchens are a great place to start, with technology now available to introduce multiple, popular brands into your kitchens and help you make inroads into the online delivery market for the first time while finding new and more potential customers.

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