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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Froneri Ice Cream

FRONERI is a global ice cream company, widely diversified across the world, operating in over 20 countries. Froneri offers the full suite of ice cream products, from dairy ice cream to water ice, sorbet and organic ice cream, and from tubs to sticks to cones to name a few.

Froneri is not only a strong branded business but also holds the undisputed #1 position in private label globally. You`ll find many of our products on the supermarket shelves across big name retailers.
Froneri is a long-standing license partner of leading companies such as Nestlé and MondelÄ`z. We also have a range of innovative challenger brands within our portfolio, making us a one-stop shop for all customers looking for ice cream products.

Our 'What if' philosophy
We dive into each day wondering `what if?`, because the world is full of possibilities, full of inspiration, full of ideas. Especially in ice cream. It is this curious, innovative and experimental approach to ice cream that has made us the best.

Our employees work with passion; being playful, mixing it up, all in the pursuit of creating and selling the perfect iced treats.

We offer a world of experience, a world of quality, a world of choices. So, come into our world.
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