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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Fire&Ice Beverages AG

Fire&Ice Beverages AG company propose wide range of premium high quality spirits such as Gin,Vodka,Whisky,Tequila. Our company producing - Fire&Ice Line, FLY Line and New - Nobil Line. Fire&Ice Beverages AG made alcohol beverages near Swiss Alps from real Alpine water. This condition gives our products extra high quality.

In 2018 idea of creating spirits with unique quality was born, and since 2019 "FIRE&ICE started entering on the market. Our company has two shareholders, who have decided to create premium spirits of unique quality, taking classic recipes.

We have achieved the brilliant purity of our products by carefully refining production process and choosing purest ingredients in their natural origin. Every spirit is a reflection of our approach - from choosing ingredients to the botlling process. Carefully selected organic wheat, pure Alpine water and continious distillation - this is the key to smooth and delicate taste.

We have successfully entered the system of global duty free operators. In Switzerland we have already placed our products with Lagardere, Dufry and Weitnauer.

Tel: +447543691391

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