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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Belos Sauces

Belos Group is a trusted name in the food industry, enjoying respect and credibility through decades of hard work and commitment. The group`s success and growth is powered by the passion and vision of its founding chairman Habib Malik whose love for food and adventure adds a winning touch to the company`s portfolio of one of the worlds most sought after sauces, marinades, and lots of other exciting categories.

Carefully devised manufacturing processes, world class quality controls and a constant pace of research and development ensures the brand supremacy In every market carrying the company`s brands.

The magical taste of every product resides in the secrets of cultivating the signature ingredients on the remote South African fields known for the richness of their soil and politeness of the winds blessing the crops with an aroma inherited from the depths of the oceans.

In a nutshell....

We travelled around the world experiencing the finest flavours in cuisine, which come from the freshest most flavoursome spices and seasoning. We have made it our mission to bring the finest grown spices and blend them into pastes and sauces so people all over the world can enjoy the most appetizing food. Here at Belos we only choose the best quality of organic spices, and ingredients, treat them and bottle them into fine packaging so our customers can taste the goodness and flavour of our sauces. After years of relentless work and creativity we have perfected our recipes bringing together the perfect harmony of each flavour revealing the best in them. We make our sauces and products out of passion and love which renders our premium products. Our refining and curing process can often take up to 2 years which ensures the best textures and enriched flavours, spreading joy and happiness whenever and wherever served.

Tel: 07950772474

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