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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Eskuta Limited

Eskuta are the largest eCargo brand in the UK, designers and manufactures of electric vehicles, leading the industry, creating a revolution in the world of last mile delivery.

Eskuta are the pioneers of `electrically assisted pedal cycles` (EAPCs) and battery powered scooters for commercial delivery. We have an established partnership with Just Eat, with other partnerships including Dominos, Papa Johns, Pizza hut and Subway. We effectively convert restaurants to optimise their delivery strategies with electric delivery bikes, essentially saving them time and money. Eskuta currently have more eCargo delivery bikes in service than any other brand.

Offering a delivery option to customers is now paramount to the success of most restaurants. We can provide an efficient, cost effective, and an environmentally friendly delivery strategy, as all our bikes and scooters are electric and powered by the latest lithium-ion batteries which provides a clean and effective solution, whilst making massive cost efficiencies over petrol vehicles.

Our EAPCS eliminate the need for tax, insurance, and mots as they are classed as electric bicycles.
Nevertheless, they have all the features and benefits of a petrol moped, without the added expense of fuel and maintenance. Whilst our range is not as fast as a car, we reduce the time sat in traffic, your Eskuta will easily skip peak congestion, meaning your run rate efficiencies will greatly increase.

There is also the added advantage of anyone over the age of 16 and above being able to ride. This effectively opens a wider recruitment demographic, which has proven to be highly beneficial for our current restaurant partners.

Now is the time to choose electric, innovate, and level up. We want to empower restaurants providing them with efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly delivery solutions. We want you and your business to go further, so go electric and choose Eskuta, electrification is for now not just the future.


Telephone: 024 76 350 150

Tel: 024 76 350150

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