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19 & 20 OCT 2022


ENS Group

ENS Group have been delivering technology mounting solutions to the Restaurant and Takeaway sector globally for over 20 years. With both off-the-shelf and custom products available, ENS Group offer an array of solutions which enhance the experience of both customers and their end users.

FlexiPole Payment Terminal Stands
ENS Group's FlexiPole payment terminal mounting solutions are installed in many UK restaurants, making it easier for customers to pay whilst improving security and reducing maintenance costs. The FlexiPole range includes counter and wall mounted stands, as well as quick release, locking and tethered options. In addition, our FlexiPole Safe to Pay handle helps to maintain social distancing, ensuring there is two metres distance between staff and customers at all times. The FlexiPole range is compatible with all major payment terminals - simply choose the appropriate backplate for your device. Ideal for those who wish to upgrade their payment terminals often and/or require easy device removal for mobile functionality, ENS Group also offer the FlexiGrip Mini. The FlexiGrip Mini is adjustable to accommodate a wide range of payment terminal types and protects the device, holding it securely in place with high friction foam grippers.

Mobile Payment & Tablet Solutions
At ENS, we also offer a range of mobile pairing, charging and mounting solutions which ensure availability and security for all major mobile payment terminals. Our Mobile Pairing Sled Enclosures allow payment devices to be seamlessly paired with a mobile computer and allow for easy mobile use. Charging adapters for these sleds allow both devices to be charged simultaneously. In turn, our all-new Mobile Protect line, comprised of the Mobile Protect & Charge and the Mobile Protect & Go, offers rugged protective cases for a range of mobile devices such as the Pax A77 and the Verifone e285. The ENS solution portfolio also features a number of innovative tablet POS and ordering solutions including fixed countertop tablet stands, mobile tablet solutions and standalone kiosks. These solutions are universal for all sizes of tablets and will help to maximise the versatility and functionality of your tablet technology.

Rugged Kitchen Mounting Solution
Ideal for high-activity kitchen environments and contexts which require the best use of limited space, ENS Group's brand new WL-1000 series is one of the easiest, most durable and flexible technology mounting solutions available. Made with the latest engineered composite materials, the WL-1000 can handle any environmental conditions and can securely mount devices up to 8lbs (AMPS or VESA compatible). Easy to install (no drilling required), the meticulously-designed clamping mechanism allows the WL-1000 to affix to any square, rectangular or round pole up to 4" in diameter without the need to retighten over time.

Modular Mounting Solutions
The MM-1000 Series from ENS Group boasts a new generation of engineered materials and industry-leading design for a durable, strong and modern point of sale (POS) solution. As a fully customisable modular solution, the MM-1000 enables users to have complete solution options to effectively manage valuable space at their checkouts and/or workstations. As well as being available for new installations, the MM-1000 also offers a cost-effective way to upgrade existing pole-based POS systems. This innovative new Modular Mounting solution is designed to be great value, as well as easy to order and install. Simply use our Product Configurator to easily order exactly what you need.

UV Clean Solutions
UV Clean from ENS Group is the most effective way to ensure your high contact technology touchpoints are always clean and safe to use whether it be PinPADs, mobile payment devices, tablets or touchscreen monitors. With motion sensing for 24/7, safe and automated disinfection, UV Clean technology uses UV light to eradicate 99.9% of all bacteria, viruses and mould at the cellular level. Many Restaurants and Takeaways have already utilised ENS' UV Clean to become Covid-secure and to protect staff and customers from any other bacteria and viruses. The return on investment for UV Clean technology compared to normal manual cleaning (which can often cause costly damage to technology) is less than 100 days.

Custom Solutions
ENS Group specialises in bespoke custom solutions and has already created more than 5000 unique products for customers across a wide variety of product groups. Each project is individually evaluated to determine the best approach and involves close collaboration between the customer and our highly skilled engineering team. Simply get in touch with an ENS Representative to discuss your unique requirements.

At ENS we use our knowledge and passion to create unique, innovative products that enhance the experiences of Restaurants & Takeaways for customers, staff and owners.

ENS Better by Design.

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