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19 & 20 OCT 2022



image.gifDrinks® - is Digital Wallet for Drinks Redeemable in Thousands of Pubs and Bars.

Our goal is to reimagine social drinking and bring people together again inside our community pubs and bars.

Stored in a digital wallet, eDrinks can be redeemed at a number of venues across the UK, and can be transferred between users` wallets, opening redemption of a cashless currency to new occasions such as tipping, festivals, events and, in the future, internationally. Our live interactive map presents participating venues on our network by GPS location, so customers can find the perfect place close by. Users show the QR code attached to their eDrink at the point of sale (POS) and enjoy!

Representing the only independent electronic drinks wallet on the market, our app is pioneering new landscapes upon which consumers can enjoy the way they share drinks. Equally, we`re uniquely positioned to enable bars, pubs and brands to increase their visibility and reach desirable consumer groups with game-changing analytics and marketing opportunities.

With eDrinks consumer insights, venues can determine who is drinking in their space, what they`re drinking, and when empowering venues and brands to tailor their marketing activity to target the right demographic, with the right drinks, at exactly the right time. Our mission is to ensure eDrinks is a ubiquitous aspect for an effective omni-channel drinks marketing campaign which will supercharge impact and loyalty.

Whilst eDrinks works across multiple revenue models, importantly, it doesn`t cost venues to redeem drinks, aiming to support the hospitality industry to a full recovery.

eDrinks is designed to bring people together, defining a `drink` in an inclusive social context rather than the drink itself, and as such we are committed to distributing messaging that champions healthy moderate drinking, and defining alcohol free occasions such as coffee dates and sending No-Low drinks to the designated driver.

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