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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Edible Cocktail Toppers

Turn every cocktail into a marketing masterpiece with edible cocktail toppers. Our personalised edible cocktail toppers make every cocktail perfectly instagrammable, print your logo, social handles or a photo of your choice.

Edible Cocktail Toppers are the perfect addition to any cocktail. Whether it be for a small get-together between friends or in a commercial use behind your bar, Edible Cocktail Toppers are a great way of personalising cocktails, beers and coffees, giving each one that extra instagrammable touch, each topper can include a logo, social media handle, or image of your choice!

The humble citrus fruit has long been the garnish of choice for bartenders around the world, but how many times have you thought about the environmental impact of the humble orange? Research suggests that a single orange will need up to 50 litres of water in its lifetime!

Edible Cocktail Toppers have introduced a potato starch product to the market place, a by-product of the chip manufacturing process, which uses 90% less water, to create bespoke, edible cocktail garnishes, vegan friendly and free from the 14 main EU allergen groups.

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