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9 & 10 NOV 2021



The world's strongest paper straws as used by Starbucks India.

NewEcoWorld has a wide range of innovative products that can replace single-use plastics in your business.

Prepare for the ban on plastic straws with our Tera Straws, specifically designed for use by Starbucks India. Tera Straws are 40% thicker than normal paper straws and are designed to pierce the lids on take-away drinks cups whilst retaining their integrity. Terra Straws
can be used for hot and cold/thick and thin drinks.

Tera Straws come in three standard sizes, but can be tailored to fit your business needs. Whatever colour, size, design, wrapper, we're here to help.

NewEcoWorld also offer alternatives to single-use plastic bags. We have amazing bags made from cassava, which dissolve in hot water, our most environmentally-friendly bag. Also, the world first longlife, multiple-use bags made from a compound of paper and cloth.

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