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19 & 20 OCT 2022



The Dometic DeliBox is a unique temperature-controlled thermal box.

Dometic is launching an transport box which can preserve the restaurant quality and temperature of the food until it reaches the customer. The product, the Dometic DelBox will provide a better method of home delivery of prepared food and open up business opportunities for restaurateurs and transport companies, allowing them to enter into the ever growing food delivery business. The box, which can be mounted on mopeds and motorcycles, has both heating and cooling elements that keep the food warm or cold and maintain the restaurant quality of the dish under transportation until it reaches the consumer. It also features an air purifier that cleans the box from bad smells and disinfect the interior.
Reputation matters in the culinary world. It can take years to establish, and every restaurants who`s hiring a delivery company is putting their reputation and trust in the hands of the delivery person.

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