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19 & 20 OCT 2022



When working with Deliverect, adding extra delivery platforms won't increase operational work for the restaurant but it will increase online sales and visibility. Online orders are processed directly in the POS and can be managed from one place. This way there is no energy and time wasted in rekeying orders to obtain a receipt for the customer. Plus, receipts all have the same no matter which delivery platform, making it easier for the kitchen to prepare orders.
Moreover, restaurants using Deliverect can change their different online menus from one interface. The software helps restaurant owners to keep track of their online orders, to manage their stock, and to provide real-time reports of online sales.
Eventually this results in cost-efficiency and increase in sales.

- Order management : Accept orders from one place
- Auto print: Accept and print orders automatically
- Menu management : Change all online menu's from one interface
- Reports & insights : Get detailed reports of all online sales
- Standardised receipts: Orders are printed with the same layout
- Stock management : combine in-restaurant and online sales to see which product to reorder
- Save time : No rekeying orders, online orders are pushed directly to the POS
- Save money : Save costs of a full-time employee rekeying orders and prevent making costly mistakes

Manage your online delivery more efficiently and get more happy customers!

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