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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Cloverleaf Distribution

Cloverleaf Distribution is a wholesaler in catering equipment and cream-chargers

Our mission is to continue to provide total satisfaction to all our business partners supplying high-quality products and giving the best advice possible.

We continue to work in close partnership with our suppliers overseas to develop new and more environmentally friendly relationships and products.
We established this company in January 2019 then we started trading in August 2019, we started trading with cream charges first, and along with that American sodas

Then from December 2019 we start expanding the range of our products and we have introduced different catering equipment, and later we will start with the CBD products.

We are aiming to expand Cloverleaf Distribution LTD not just in the UK and Ireland, but also in European countries like Spain, France, etc. summarising we look forward to expanding around the world.

WHY the CEO of the company Arjun Thaker named the company cloverleaf distribution it is because he lived in Ireland for a long time and was the best years of his life and he always thought that this happened because he found this `mysterious` cloverleaf of four leaves one of his first days in the country.

Cloverleaf is totally committed to protecting the environment and it plays its role by adhering to the following:

We promote polythene material with bio-degradable additives that disintegrate within a few years compared to conventional polythene, which can take more than 100 years.
All of our polythene products are 100% recyclable and many of our products are made from recycled materials.
All of our paper products are sourced from either sustainable forests or produced from recycled paper.

We ensure that we comply with our recycling obligations and our suppliers take responsibility by recycling their waste in-house.
We encourage eco-friendly bags that are made from 100% organic materials such as cotton, canvas, or jute. These can be reused time and again, thus reducing waste.

Tel: +35312342542

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