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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Cleveland Scott York

Cleveland Scott York advises businesses on patents and trade marks from its offices in the City of London, Hertfordshire, the Thames Valley and Munich.

Its expert team of Chartered Patent Attorneys and Chartered Trade Mark Attorneys are experienced in helping businesses in the food and beverage sector maximise the value of their products and services.

Why patent a food and beverage invention?

A patent is a legal document that prevents others from copying your invention without permission, meaning you can invest in research and development without risking the products of your research benefiting your competitors. It also opens up other ways of commercially exploiting your invention, such as licensing. Put simply, a patent can transform your invention into a valuable commercial asset.

Why use trade marks in the food and beverage sector?

A trade mark is vital to distinguish your brand from your competitors and to prevent imitations. Trade marks mean that you can invest in all aspects of your brand, free of the fear that your competitors will reap the benefit.

Branding plays a crucial role in sector, with the best being a crucial hallmark of quality.

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