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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Chef 33 Ltd

Chef 33 brings fresh, local home-cooked cuisines right to your doorstep


The coronavirus pandemic has caused much uncertainty for food businesses across the country, but one exciting new tech start up is helping to revolutionise the way people can order high quality home cooked food from remote chefs and small commercial kitchens in their local area. Having successfully launched in Beta across London, Chef 33 is now ready to expand its offering to remote chefs across the country.

Have you ever noticed that many of the tastiest dishes are simply not available at mainstream dining establishments? Sometimes this is because there are many variations and it is necessary to adopt a generic recipe to cater to a mass audience. Other times it is because the exact recipe or cooking technique has been passed down through generations and communities. Either way, there is no denying that the best tasting food is usually the home cooked variety!

Chef 33 is a new online portal for remote chefs and small commercial kitchens that allows them to offer high quality, home cooked cuisines directly to local customers. Recognising that there are many highly skilled food connoisseurs who for a variety of reasons, prefer or need to work from home, Chef 33 provides a one-stop virtual `shop window`, helping them to build their own food business from home and instantly market themselves to customers. It has been described as `the Just Eat for remote chefs`, with the platform taking a small 10% commission charge for each order.

Each chef appearing on Chef 33 must possess a Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene for Catering Certification and have registered their home as a food business with their local council. Once these steps have been completed, chefs can register with Chef 33 to become an approved vendor, after which they can begin to upload their dishes for sale whilst also indicating whether their meals are collection only or available for delivery.

The idea for Chef 33 came in 2018 when its founder, tech entrepreneur Javed Laher, became aware that a recession was likely within 2 years and wanted to create a solution for those looking to earn an income during difficult times Having worked in Digital Media with experience working at global companies including Microsoft, Amazon and IBM, Javed set to work building the Chef 33 platform, which has been operating in Beta in the London area for the past year.

`Growing up, I really enjoyed my grandma`s cooking which was heavily influenced by her Indian heritage. After she died, I craved the taste of the meals she used to cook us, but despite trying to replicate them, they never quite tasted as good as hers did. These particular cuisines could not be found in any restaurants either, but I knew that there were people out there with the same cultural influences as my late grandma who would be able to make these meals, if only I could find them. I realised there must be many other people with similar experiences to me, and plenty of remote chefs who could make money by cooking for them,` explains Javed.

The Chef 33 platform is currently free for chefs to use. Chefs using the platform are responsible for their own taxes and insurances. For more information on how to sign up, visit

Tel: +447817390492

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