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19 & 20 OCT 2022



What is CAPP?

CAPP is a platform that will enable businesses and consumers to safely use hospitality services again.
Capp will allow businesses to show in real time their capacity and how many spaces they have available.
Consumers will be enabled to instantly select a more or less busy area of their choice.

Capp is the solution to a logist and schematic problem we are facing these days that will help everyone go back to normality.

Customers will be asked to scan a QR code when entering the building ensuring that the business and customers in the locality know how full you are.

Buinsess will have a up to date to the person capacity number.

Customers will see a traffic light system of how busy a restaurant looks when looking to go out.

A hands free, cost free, speedy way of adhering.

Tel: 07763789599

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