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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Beer Saver

World leading Innovative Cellar Technology.

Cambridge Scientific Solutions are showcasing their new range of hi-tech products. Including the best microbial inhibitors in the world. Ranging from the hugely successful model Beer Saver 6 and introducing the new and exclusive to show models Beer Saver 6 Plus and Beer Saver 7 Pro.

20 Years of Experience
The development of the technology involved in Beer Saver™ has been a continuing process during the whole of the twenty first century.

The earlier model was evaluated scientifically and micro biologically over a lengthy period at Heriot- Watt University in Edinburgh, our policy is that any claims made for Beer Saver™ has been validated by independent research carried out at an academic level both in the UK and the USA.

Our fully patented Digital Sine Wave System is the latest technology from Cambridge Scientific Solutions Ltd.

Beer Saver™6 Plus & Beer Saver™ 7 Pro are the result of years of exhaustive research and development by Cambridge Scientific Solutions to produce a system that is both efficient and simple to use. Extensively tested and endorsed by independent experts and microbiologists.

Substantial R&D throughout 2020 has resulted in the production of our best technology yet, with results proving this new digital technology means your beer lines will stay clean for longer. Extending the line cleaning cycle from a one week clean up to a 12-week cleaning cycle whilst maintaining high levels of beer quality.

Cambridge Scientific Solutions is also proud to present its real time beverage dispense monitoring system called Beer Flow. This impressive system comes with a 7-inch touch screen display. Allowing hospitality venues of all sizes to monitor unaccounted pours and over pours by tracing every ounce of draft beer pour by your staff. Real time management information providing product trend analysis, see what products sell best and when. Push button stock control, real time keg inventory tracing. Wi-Fi Connectivity and real time app allowing Management Information straight to your phone from anywhere in the world.

A brand-new flow metering system specifically designed for hospitality.

We invite and welcome you to come along to our stand to see and try out our world leading technology.

Tel: +01780 767561

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