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19 & 20 OCT 2022



Autocanteen is a touchless self-checkout solution that increases checkout efficiency. Disruptive innovation, no barcodes - the system can identify anything from fruits to meal plates with visual discovery.

Deep-learning algorithms matched with 3D image scanners allow us to capture, detect and recognize objects at lightning-fast speed and laser precision. Checkout experience powered by Autocanteen helps you to:
* Eliminate queues
10 seconds per transaction means shorter queues, higher checkout throughput, more revenue and less food waste;

* Empower your team
Just like a supermarket self-checkout model, only one assistant needs to oversee multiple checkout points. The rest of the team can focus on a better customer experience instead of a routine checkout.

* Stay innovative
Win more deals or keep more clients. Our unique digital capability is a differentiator for your catering offer. Impress your clients and wow theirs.

Tel: +448005200057

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