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19 & 20 OCT 2022



3S POS offers one of the most flexible EPOS systems, produced and updated over the years through in-house software development expertise.

The solution is suitable for all types of dining experiences, including casual and fine dining restaurants, takeaway, quick service, bars, cafés and hotels. It has been fashioned to the accumulative requirements and specifications of a variety of clients and is trusted by international brands such as AMT coffee, Cafe Concerto, Maroush, Comptoir Libanais, Pepe`s and hundreds more delighted customers.

The 3S POS system is accessible for any future development and can be customised to fit exact business and operational requirements. It features integrated Chip & Pin, handheld operation, integration with online ordering and reservations, kitchen display and guest tracking. Back-of-house, you can take advantage of over 25 powerful features such as full and detailed real-time reporting, staff and rota management, head office tools, customer relationship management and financial third-party feeds.

3S POS also brings together multiple solutions by offering seamless integrations with delivery aggregates, Orderlord, Sage, Xero and white-label loyalty mobile apps.
The system is designed to help you manage all aspects of business to maximise ROI, add value to your brand and streamline operations, thus increasing profits.
Intuitive front interface and powerful back office tools allow you to manage:

• Bespoke Reporting
• Stock Control
• CRM & Loyalty Management
• Kitchen Display Systems
• Handheld Ordering
• Head Office Management
• Staff & Rota Management
• Live Table Bookings
• Graphical Table Management
• Mobile Payment Solutions

Tel: 02070343030

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