Kim Antoniou


Kim Antoniou’s background is in the development of large-scale digital systems, mostly for the construction industry. However, she has always had a keen interest in nutrition and food safety, as her husband unfortunately has a severe sesame allergy. In 2013, he nearly died from anaphylactic shock after being given inaccurate information from a waiter about the ingredients in a dish. This event, coupled with the 2014 FIR mandating that all F&B businesses show allergen content on demand, inspired Kim to change direction completely. Combining her passion for technology with her desire to improve food safety, she envisaged a system that could not only support commercial kitchens to stay compliant, but help diners stay safe and make informed decisions. Kim has since channelled all her energy into developing Kafoodle, and is on a mission to make it the global intelligence behind food transparency.

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