The Networking Area at The Takeaway Innovation Expo

Networking at the Takeaway & Restaurant Innovation Expo

The Takeaway & Restaurant Innovation Expo is renowned for providing unparalleled networking opportunities for takeaway and restaurant owners and investors, and this year’s event offers you the greatest opportunity yet to make those vital new connections throughout the industry.

Over both days of the show, you will be provided with a networking platform that’s unparalleled in scope, diversity, and opportunities to build new relationships with industry professionals from all over Europe, as well as developing your professional knowledge, passing on your own industry insight, and securing a business spark that only networking can provide.

No other event provides you with such a collection of leading minds in the field of restaurant and takeaway business growth, and the opportunity to engage, learn, build, and prosper is an advantage both you – and your business – will reap huge, long-term benefits from.

The show floor will be packed with professionals operating across every facet of the restaurant, takeaway, bar, café, and hospitality industries, and TRIE will give you access to a unique networking environment where both quality and quantity of connections are very much achievable.

The networking area has been specifically created to be the most effective networking setting possible, and conducive to the growth your business makes in the restaurant and takeaway industry.

Takeaway & Restaurant Innovation Expo Networking Area Takeaway & Restaurant Innovation Expo Networking Area Takeaway & Restaurant Innovation Expo Networking Area